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Pastor Vic brings a message from Luke 2 and shares how Simeon was there at the start of the end of religion!     Podbean   or  sermon.tv

As we go into 2013 we pray that you will have a blessed year and that your relationship with God, through Jesus, will continue to grow. Amen.


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This week you can watch, and listen, as Pastor Vic speaks to the children of MGF.


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Who is this Jesus? #2

Pastor Vic continues teaching from Isaiah 9:6 and highlights the Hebrew meaning of some of the words of this verse.

Listen here on Podbean or here on Sermon.tv

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Think that Jesus is the reason for the season? Listen to this week’s message and find out who is the real reason for the season…….here

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To serve God acceptably, we have to have the Grace of God. Jesus is the channel of that grace. John Kerr shares some personal experiences of the Grace of God.

podcast:    here…….     or     here…….


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