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How sad that people believe that God will kill others in order to make them more holy……………that is what this quote says to me!

“We ask that God would make us holy. It is a good request indeed. But are we prepared to be sanctified by ANY process that God in His wisdom may call on us to pass through? Are we ready to be purified by affliction, weaned from the world by bereavements, drawn nearer to God by losses, sicknesses and sorrow?” ~ J.C. Ryle

God in his wisdom will kill our realtives and make us sick to make us holy! NO NO NO!

Jesus never made a single person ill and healed ALL he met; He then said see me and you see the Father. Jesus is God, and God only wants us to have a good and abundant life; He will not kill you or make you ill to teach you a lesson. That is religious nonsense.

Illness and death are the work of the enemy. Resist him and submit to God; the enemy will have to flee. Yes, you may learn from this experience, but it is not God trying to kill you.

You would have to be nuts or religious to believe this; and then tell people in the next breath that God loves them! Come on people, get real.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news…………

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In the message today, Dave encourages us to be positive about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ – the Gospel.

Be prepared to be challenged and be prepared to study the Word to build up your confidence and shake off the spirit of fear that shackles us!

Listen here…….

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Think BIG!!!

Pastor Vic shares a personal revelation and encourages us to think BIG for ourselves, Moray Grace Fellowship and the Kingdom!

Hear how thinking BIG takes the limits off God to enable us to experience more of God’s Kingdom here and now!

Listen here…….

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In the message this week we look at the teaching (or tradition of men) that says God is in total control of everything in your life and on earth.

This doctrine is one of the biggest lies in the church today!

Listen to the message and hear the biblical truth; that God has delegated power and authority to us, and that His will does not always come to pass.

Challenging stuff, but give it a try……………..

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….that is Paul’s thorn in the flesh!

The teaching that Paul’s thorn in the flesh is an illness from God, given to Paul to make him humble is nonsense.

It is not biblical; it is not true!

If you study the scriptures you will see that “thorn in the flesh” is like “pain in the neck”; it is talking about people.

Please listen to the message from MGF today and hear the truth……..

Today we “pick off” the first tradition of man and let you hear the truth!

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…sneak preview of message tomorrow morning!

I’m going to be teaching on Paul’s thorn in the flesh; and giving what I consider to be an interpretation that goes against the normal ideas…..

Listen tomorrow for more!

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