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Today Vic preached the second message in our new teaching series about prosperity.

What kind of thinking do you have about prosperity….is it Bondage thinking, Wilderness thinking, Promised Land thinking or Jesus thinking?

Listen to the message on our podcast site and find out about these different ways of thinking……

Prepare to be challenged!

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The “P” Word……that’s what I’ve decided to call my new teaching series.

Why is prosperity such a dirty word in the church?

Why do believers have bondage thinking or wilderness thinking?

Listen tomorrow and be challenged to discover what you think about prosperity!

Listen to the first message in the series, link here for podcast…….

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Vic starts a new teaching series this week looking at prosperity….yes, the P word!

Prosperity was gained for us through the finished work of Jesus on the cross. The atonement provided for our prosperity, along with our forgiveness, salvation, acceptance and healing.

Listen to the podcast for the biblical truth on this subject…….

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Nunsy brings the last message of the current series on the Typology of the Bible.

Nunsy reminds us that the old has been replaced by the new – grace instead of law; the old sacrificial system has been superseded – replaced and forgotten!

Find out more here…….

A blessed and inspired message and very appropriate for our 200th post!

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Nunsy continues the excellent series on the Typology of the Bible.

She reminds us that the Ten Commandments are hidden from view in the Ark of the Covenant. So what are the implications for the born again believer?
Listen here and find out…….


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