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Nunsy is back with the Typology of the Old Testament with episode 10 and continues with Aaron’s Rod after some thoughts and questions were raised at our weekly Bible study.

Nunsy reminds us that as a born again believer you are dead to sin; you have been spiritually circumcised; your old sin nature has been cut away!

Listen here…….


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Sunday 23 October

No podcast this week folks – we are away being blessed at the Andrew Wommack European Minister’s Conference – should be back next week.

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In episode 9 of the Typology of the Tabernacle, Nunsy introduces Aaron’s Rod and shows us how it is a picture of Jesus.

Catch up here…….

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Jesus is our Sabbath rest – our task is to rest in Him and His finished work on the cross.

Listen to the message from MGF today to find out more…….teaching 8 in our series on typology called Cross Tinted Glasses

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Nunsy continues with the Typology teaching with week #8 – here

The Sabbath is a shadow of something to come and we learn why God ‘rested’ on the seventh day.

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Here is the message from this morning; the 7th in the typology series from Nunsy.

What an exciting message about Jesus…..if you only listen to one message online this week make it this one!

He is high and lifted up……listen on our podcast site.

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Week 7 in the Typology teaching from Nunsy.

Typology is a Biblical method of examining the Word to look for Jesus in all the Word and it is God’s idea!

Nunsy introduces us to the Ark of the Covenant here…….

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