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Hey folks…..check out our new heading above called “Leaflets”…….click on the tab and have a read…..

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No church in the hall tomorrow………open house from 11 if you can get along……

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We are now into week 4 of our Sunday morning series of messages called “The 3 Rs”.

Nunsy has completed looking at reconciliation and this week Vic starts to look at righteousness.

Do you know that if you are born again you are righteous and do not need to work towards this?

Do you know that all you need to be righteous is faith in the work of Jesus on the cross?

Listen to the message and be blessed…………..

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Sunday 5th December

We are very excited about our first meeting away from Alves……

We are holding an evening meeting in Lossiemouth in the Town Hall at 19:30 on Sunday the 5th of December.

The message is called “The War is Over” and we will be lead in worship by David Ross.

Hopefully many people will come and be blessed…more news and info as we get it…..

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Nunsy continues our “The 3 Rs” teaching this week and closes our teaching on reconciliation.

Listen to the message for more good teaching……

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Nunsy continues our new teaching series called “The 3 Rs” this week, once again looking at reconciliation.

Why did there have to be reconciliation?

And now that we have this reconciliation, why is sin not the issue any more?

This is a radical message that you will not hear preached in many churches today…..listen for more…..we believe it is the truth!!

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I’ve been working tonight on the next podcast for our Axiom of Faith series and think this is a truth that the average believer hasn’t truly grasped……..that Jesus is God.

If they did grasp this truth and read the Gospels we would not get some of the nonsense taught and believed about God in the church today.

We would not hear that God puts illness on us to teach us a lesson, to make us stronger believers or to make us humble. This is absolute nonsense.

Jesus says if we see Him we see the Father and He only does what the Father tells Him to do. Jesus always healed. Jesus never made anyone ill. Jesus never put sickness on a believer to teach them a lesson.

So why do people believe that God does this today?

It’s because people have been blinded by religion and the enemy to believe this nonsense!!

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Nunsy starts “The 3 Rs” teaching series by looking at reconciliation.

Listen and find out that this is the essential starting point for our walk with God.

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