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Vic has reached chapter 9 in this series from the Gospel of John.

Hear how Jesus heals the blind man and then see the reactions from the various groups of people…..the neighbours, the parents, the Pharisees and the man himself.

Listen to the message for more…………..

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Today we are starting a new 17 week bible study called Grace, The Power of The Gospel.

This is a study guide from Andrew Wommack and is similar to the 26 week study we have just finished called Believer’s Authority.

You can join us in this study by listening to the teaching on our podcast……..

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John 8….

In the message this week Vic has reached John 8 in his study of the Gospel of John.

The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by asking about a woman taken in adultery. Listen to how Jesus deals with this, and also hear about Jesus writing on the ground with His finger……..

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In the message today Vic answers a recent question from one of the fellowship…….

If what you say about communion is true, ( that it’s about looking to Jesus and nothing to do with examining ourselves for sin and then confessing it) how can you explain James 5 v 16 which says “confess your sin one to another…..

Vic looks at all the scriptures about communion and shows that it’s all about remembering Jesus. It is about discerning His body. It has nothing to do with your sin.

Indeed because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross you have no right to examine yourself for sin during communion!

Listen to this important teaching and see what the Word says about communion, and start to get any from the traditions of elders and men and rudiments of the world……hear the message here!!

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Sean gives the message this week, and comes from the account of Joseph.

He shows that this account is a picture of the journey Jesus took to the cross.

Fascinating stuff…..listen to find out more…..

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