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Vic moved away from Galatians this week to preach on 5 truths from the first 9 verses of the book of Joshua –

1. God’s promises do not change

2. God is always with us

3. We can control our emotions and be strong

4. It is vital that we know the Word

5. We should expect the supernatural and miraculous

Have a listen to the message on our PODCAST section…..

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the apostle Paul lately, when preparing for the Sunday message. I’ve been looking at his epistle to the Galatians, however this week I’ve been really meditating on him as a man.

He comes across as this super-Christian or super-evangelist going through all the known world at the time preaching, teaching and discipling. I am sure that signs and wonders followed also.

The important thing to remember however is that everything he did was under the authority of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. He heard from Jesus then obeyed. He then took instruction from the Holy Spirit. This is the model we should follow in our daily walk with the Lord. Listen to Him then obey, always looking to the Holy Spirit as we go on our way.

In worldly terms Paul was nothing special….a bit of a nobody by all accounts….short and stocky with a weak voice. He didn’t let his physical weakness stop him though, his spiritual strength shone through.

We are the same as Paul. We have the same authority from Jesus and are filled with the same Holy Spirit. We can do mighty things, just as Paul did.

We need to listen, obey then do!!

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Paul was amazed that the Galatians were so quickly removed from the one true gospel of Jesus Christ……listen to the message today from Nunsy in the PODCAST section and hear why they may have been removed….

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Started Galatians!

I started talking about Galatians today in the morning message.

This is a great letter warning of the evils of legalism. Paul tells us about the true gospel of grace, and how our righteousness and justification is gained by faith in Jesus and His mighty work. He warns us not to be removed from this gospel of grace, and to stay away from perversions of this true gospel of Christ.

Have a listen to the first message in the series on our PODCAST section in the blogroll.

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I Am Blessed

Myself and Nunsy had dinner this week with 2 lovely couples we have met recently and I had it brought home to me how blessed we are living in this country of Scotland.

Two of our friends were born and brought up in Estonia, during the time of the Russian occupation, and one was born and brought up in South Africa during apartheid.

The stories they were telling us were just incredible, what hardships people had to live through during those times! I have come through nothing like that in Scotland.

People do live through these hard times though and come out the other end. Praise God that our new friends came out the other end knowing Jesus as Saviour!!

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Message Today

Chris brought us a very personal message this morning, telling of her growth in the Lord especially in the last couple of years. Hear this message on the PODCAST section of the blogroll….Dave should have it installed soon!

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I don’t know what Chris is going to preach on tomorrow but I am looking forward to it! I do know what I will be bringing for the next few weeks after this though……a series on Galatians.

I have been drawn to this book for a number of weeks now and am really struck by the feeling of urgency that Paul has in this letter. He has important and vital information to get to the people and he is very, very forceful in how he gets that message across.

I’m looking forward to studying, meditating and praying more before bringing this series of messages to the fellowship!

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