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The Behaviour of Joshua.

A wee Christmas poem from Carol.  mgf.podbean

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Merry Christmas!

Pastor Vic talks about the word that he thinks sums up the ‘Christmas story’ – reconciliation.

What does this word mean and what does it mean for us today?


This week Pastor Vic returns and builds on Nunsy’s message from last week.

Natural order and generating spiritual fruit, through mind renewal, is seen as an iterative process.

Pastor Vic also looks at strife, one of the big thieves of natural order in our lives.


We take a break from our study of Colossians this week and Nunsy teaches on a topic very close to her heart.

In this lesson Nunsy will explain why we need natural order in our life so that we can produce spiritual fruit.


In the message this week Pastor Vic explains about Jesus’ finished work; not just on the cross but through His resurrection.

Jesus rose from the dead and brought into existence a new type of man, a perfect and righteous spirit man that you can now be!


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